Project Description


An application that stores a patient’s entire medical history in one location alongside information regarding their current health insurance coverage and medication needs. The application connects with over 300 wearables, fitness devises, and mHealth apps that monitors patient wellbeing and lifestyle.

This data feeds into the platform creating meaningful reports through the DigiCare Connect™ Platform. This allows patients to track and trend their data as well as receive notifications, alerts, and reminders to optimize the management of their diagnoses. If required, DigiCare’s remote patient monitoring platform can help patients/consumers track their health and share the data with their provider.

To better manage your health, DigiCare offers an e-commerce platform to allow consumers/patients to purchase what they need to maintain their health and wellbeing while saving money and earning rewards. The DigiCare e-commerce platform provides access to nutrition, health and beauty, dental, pet, and discount pharmacy all with last mile delivery.

This will allow consumers/patients to effectively manage and access their daily health and medical care solutions.