Evolving Healthcare Technology

For years DigiCare has been focused on:

  • Delivering improved Consumer Health in a Digital Economy in an Internet of Things (IOT) platform that allows consumers to use the tools they use every day to manage their lives, e.g. internet, cell phone, tablets, laptops 
  • Providing educational content, access to all personal and family products, services and home delivery at the lowest cost possible in one platform
  • Assisting people as they navigate from good health to a need for medical care have it available 24/7 and in a team-based service that engages both primary care and medical specialties on behalf of the patient  
  • Supporting people managing medical conditions through access to relevant education, access to the nutrition, products and services in the convenience of their home.

COVID-19 was first discovered in the UK in 2020 – 12 months later it is still with us. There is no end in sight. So, what has changed and what have we learned:

  • Personal Health is extremely important because COVID-19 is deadly to people in poor health
  • After 40 years, telemedicine has gone finally gone main stream for triaging patients and providing care quickly
  • eCommerce has accelerated globally to provide convenient access to products and services
  • Government is not the answer to keeping you safe, its personal responsibility for your health and the health of your family

COVID-19 has accelerated the healthcare technology evolution

DIGICARE HEALTH LTD will transform health and wellness and help drive long-term systemic change to how consumers manage their health, wellbeing, and care. DigiCare focuses on fresh agriculture products to maintain a level of health and wellness. Also, we have invested in the development of fresh products in the form or food kits to manage specific medical diagnosis as a part managing their condition and wellbeing.

COVID-19’s impact on the NHS has been devastating for the system and those that depend on timely and ongoing care. At the same time the need for primary care increased and telemedicine is now mainstream in providing access to care.
Through our Amazon-inspired healthcare marketplace, and our telemedicine and remote patient monitoring systems, deliver the makings of a hospital without walls for both patients and healthcare providers during the current and future pandemics.

The DIGICARE HEALTH LTD solution, called DigiCare Connect™, has created an ecosystem bringing both providers and consumers of healthcare together in an open, transparent fashion to provide effective solutions to the daily healthcare needs of the patient.

With our platform, the patient can store their entire medical history in one location, and interacts with our HealthRing™ healthcare marketplace to connect the patient with vendors and suppliers for personal, dental, pet and other products according to their needs. For the healthcare provider, and the NHS, our cloud-based open system and API platform allows easy integration with devices, apps, wearables, and software to enable remote patient monitoring and better evaluation of vast amounts of data.

Technology Driven – We will be able to lever our efforts using technology developed in the USA, and further enhanced here in the UK, through means of an exclusive cross license agreement. We will be bringing UK technology back to the USA for use in the platforms there, and will enjoy license fees accordingly with a much larger market. We are technology agnostic and will benefit from technological advancements in the healthcare space with a platform that you never have to leave to access what you want, when you want it.

Executive Team

Nigel Clarke and Roger Hymas have extensive background in the medical services field, developing beneficial, subscription-based programs that support providers and patients.

Nigel ClarkDirector
Nigel Clarke runs, invests in, advises and sets up corporate governance for projects in business areas with strong public policy influence, especially those developing scientific ideas originating in universities. He serves as Chairman of the General Pharmaceutical Council, the regulatory body for pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and pharmacies in Great Britain.
Travis HaleTechnical Manager
Roger was Marketing Director of Bupa, and then ran their insurance business.
Whilst at Bupa he invested in a company called Health Dialogue in the early 1990s. They provided consultancy advice to patients trying to determine the next best course of action for their treatments. Roger has a very strong consumer facing career; he invented the store card when with the Burton Group, did a stint with Amex, created Healthcare Navigator, and even at one point ran a PCT for the NHS.