DIGICARE HEALTH LTD is a healthcare technology company that focuses on the challenges of the COVID-19 threat with an integrated platform for the delivery of 21st century health, medical care, products and services in the United Kingdom.

The NHS has provided care for years. COVID-19 has exposed the importance of good personal and family health. With an overwhelmed health system, it is more important than ever to maintain personal health and wellbeing.

We will transform health and wellness and help drive long-term change to how consumers manage their health, wellbeing, and care in the world of COVID-19 or future pandemics that threaten their health and jobs. Knowledge and Access protect you and your family.

Our approach


The care delivery spectrum in today’s healthcare marketplace remains siloed, meaning that data sources cannot be captured and evaluated to determine the most accurate diagnosis, optimum care outcomes, or efficient financial best practices.


Enable consumers to take control and improve their healthcare by providing them with access to the best and best value healthcare options in the world based upon their personal data.